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2018-05-16 13:58:00 CEST

Five reasons why you should be a beach girl or boy

Could this be your perfect summer job?

There are some awesome summer jobs out there: picking grapes, stomping grapes, eating grapes, drinking grapes… summer camp, surf school but let’s be honest, it’s summer.

It’s in between semesters, where your brain has been in overdrive mode trying to get through your exams and your brain needs a break. Your brain is begging you for a break, and, actually as nice as these jobs may sound, maybe you don’t want grape bits in between your toes, maybe you don’t want to deal with shrieking teens at summer camp and maybe you don’t want to be eaten by a shark. We get you. You’re the type of person who wants to work a little in summer but not doing something, how do we say this as diplomatically as possible, labor intensive. Don’t feel bad, you are all of us.

Now we’ve found the perfect job – an A1 Beach Girl or an A1 Beach Boy at the highly anticipated A1 Major Vienna presented by Swatch(Apply for this job here)  And by beach boy we don’t mean the singing kind and if you need more convincing, well here are five top reasons to become an A1 Beach Girl or an A1 Beach Boy this summer:

1. You get to literally rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

From Olympians to celebrities, beach girls and beach boys get some level 100 shoulder action. Left shoulder, right shoulder, both shoulders. By the time they leave they’ve technically met Barak Obama or the Dalai Lama; remember guys, six degrees of separation….

Hey A1 Beach Girls, we see you there shoulder to shoulder with Olympic gold medalist Laura Ludwig. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerHey A1 Beach Girls, we see you there shoulder to shoulder with Olympic gold medalist Laura Ludwig. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

2. Camera ready, say ‘cheese’

On and off the Center Court, in the VIP section (say it like Lil’ Wayne). You will experience celebrity treatment first hand – with paparazzi included.

“Smile please”,

“For the camera please”,

“Please look a little to the left sir”,

“This way to the red carpet, madam”,

Now duck face…


All A1 Beach Girls and A1 Beach Boys have to do is be camera ready and smile, yes, you read that right. This is not a word of a lie. If you don’t want your photogenic talents wasted this summer this is DEFINITELY the job for you.

Smile. Say “beach please”. Photocredit: Bernhard HorstSmile. Say “beach please”. Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

3. You get paid

We literally just wrote that all you have to do is smile – now add getting paid on top of that.

Now, now, I know you’re thinking, this is not utopia, there is no such thing. Getting paid for smiling?  And that’s all I have to do? This must be something out of a science-fiction novel in a world so great, so pure, so full of rainbows that we have never had the honor of imagining or even witnessing. But believe me when I say, this is very real. A1 Beach Boys and A1 Beach Girls do indeed get paid for smiling. Put that in your pot and let it simmer.

The hostesses with the mostestes. Photocredit: Samo VidicThe hostesses with the mostestes. Photocredit: Samo Vidic

4. You summer in one of Europe’s oldest, most historical and beautiful cities

Dubbed ‘The City of Dreams’ and also considered to be the unofficial official capital of classical music, Vienna is where the #ViennaMajor will be hosted. Just imagine the conversations you’d be having about Marie Antoinette and how you see Rembrandts self-portraits as his unique and intimate biographies.

The long and the short of it is that beach girls and boys will be livin’ it up in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, in the summer (the best time), which, for a short time, will be transformed in to the ultimate beach volleyball mecca.

Best. Summer. Job. Ever. Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerBest. Summer. Job. Ever. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

5. Experience the world of beach volleyball behind-the-scenes with exclusive access

The A1 Major Vienna presented by Swatch is a five-star beach volleyball tournament. And, as a Beach Girl/Boy, you will get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look in to how an event of this magnitude is put together; great networking opportunities and something great to put in your portfolio or on your CV.

Photocredit: Mihai StetcuPhotocredit: Mihai Stetcu

You know how that saying goes, ‘you haven’t lived until you’ve been an A1 Beach Girl or an A1 Beach Boy at a volleyball tournament’ and the other one that goes ‘tick working at the most awesome event ever off your bucket list’ – it’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. So apply to realize your dream of a life in front of the camera where you can make money just by dazzling those pearly whites.

Applications close on June 11. If you’re 18 years old or older, are a motivated team player and free between August 3 and August 5, then apply here.  

See you @ the Island!


Here’s a haiku:

Smiling is very nice.

Summer events are really awesome.

Be an A1 Beach Girl or an A1 Beach Boy.

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