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2016-07-19 15:58:00 CEST

One week to A1 Major Klagenfurt!

It’s not long now, people!

Klagenfurt: a tournament like no other! Photocredit: Bernhard Horst.Klagenfurt: a tournament like no other! Photocredit: Bernhard Horst.

If we close our eyes and let our minds wander for a minute we can picture the packed crowds, hear the crammed Center Court chanting in unison and feel the goosebumps all over our skin as we blissfully imagine wild scenes of celebration.

Yes, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for Klagenfurt! Are you ready?

Well you should be, because beach volleyball returns to its spiritual home in Carinthia on the shore of Lake Wörthersee – and this year it promises to be bigger, brighter and better than before because, for the first time, Austria’s summer sporting spectacular gets the Swatch Major Series treatment!

But that’s not the only reason why next week promises to be so special. Oh no. In case it escaped your attention the A1 Major Klagenfurt is the last event before the Olympics and 21 teams who are heading to Rio will be joining us for seven days of sensational beach volleyball action.

If you’ve been following the Swatch Major Series so far this summer you’ll have seen capacity crowds pack out Hamburg, Poreč and Gstaad – serenading the stars with their songs and getting their groove on in between the digging and diving and match-point making.

But Klagenfurt. How can we put this? Klagenfurt is different. The noise level is like no other, the crowd is like no other. If you’re a player who gets irritated by the clapping of hands and non-stop singing during points, then you’re going to have a problem. And if you’re up against a team from Austria then all we can say is good luck and bring some ear defenders with you on court. But…if you’re a player who thrives on the atmosphere you’re going to love it.

While we’re not sure if we’ll actually see a team playing with ear defenders at the A1 Major Klagenfurt, what we can guarantee you is an atmosphere unlike any other in beach volleyball anywhere around the globe.

Klagenfurt is special and it’s only a week away…

And you can follow the tournament every step of the way, on our website and on social media. So what are you waiting for? Click here!

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