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2016-11-15 14:06:00 CET

More Than Sports: A big one is switching sides

Goodbye and hello Paulao

Adrian Carambula is sad. On Instagram the Italian beach volleyball national player shared a picture of him and his coach Paulao (Paulo Moreira) united in an intimate bear hug. From now on they will go separate ways: Paulao is leaving the Italian federation after five years and will work as a beach volleyball coach in Israel.

“It’s hard to accept that we are parting ways,” Adrian wrote. He had a very special relationship with the 47-year-old Brazilian. Paulao had been like a father to him, Adrian writes. A father, who showed him what it takes to win. Carambula, who was born in Uruguay and lived in the USA before, had to wait a long time until he could finally start to play internationally for the Italian federation, because of bureaucratic issues. At his first appearance at the FIVB World Tour 2015 in Moscow with Alex Ranghieri, he impressed the crowd. Just one week later, the team — guided by Paulao — won the bronze medal at the first Poreč Major.

Paulao.... It is hard to accept that we are parting ways. A lot of people would think that you were my coach, and they were obviously right. But it was much bigger than that. Your love, your hugs, your slaps in the face and our laughs together felt more like the ones a father and son share. And because of that, this journey has been an unforgettable one. So thank you for being humble, honest, for putting family always first, for sharing this game with so much passion and for showing me what it takes to win. It's what makes you a champion. It's what makes YOU. Ti voglio un gran bene, Pa. Hasta la vista.. Adri-

See this Instagram photo by @adrian_carambula * 1,162 likes

When he was asked, how this fast success could happen, Paulao just pointed to his players. The Brazilian is not so much into big speeches; the facts speak for themselves: From 1987 to 2003 he had been a successful player himself. With Paulo Silva and Jefferson Bellaguarda, Paulao won seven tournaments at the World Tour, including the 1997 the World Championships in Los Angeles.

And he had the ability to transfer his winning mentality to the players. We will never forget the moment when Alex Ranghieri jumped into the tribunes of Klagenfurt, when he an Adrian made it to the final of the European Championship in 2015. He just wanted to give his coach a big hug, Alex explained later. Paulao, by contrast, is always relaxed. Even during the warm-up, he has the ease to pose for us.

Warm-up, by the way, has never been a favorite of Paulao’s. The rain in Klagenfurt couldn’t motivate the Brazilian to do his exercises, but, nevertheless, he won two bronze medals and achieved one fourth place at the most popular tournament of the FIVB World Tour.

Mentor Paulao (left) and his trainee Adrian Carambula. Phorocredit: Hansi Huber.Mentor Paulao (left) and his trainee Adrian Carambula. Phorocredit: Hansi Huber.

Now, Italy’s technical director, who brought extraordinary success to the country, is leaving. Since Paulao took over from the legendary American Mike Dodd, the Italian squad won seven gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze medals on the World Tour – plus two titles at the European Championships from Paolo Nicolai und Daniele Lupo. Their coach Matteo Varnier could become the new technical director of Team Italy, but up until now, he has no offer from the federation. “They told me that I will be head coach of Lupo/Nicolai like the past year, but nothing more,” Matteo says. The silver medalists from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will continue with their successful formula, whereas a new coach is sought for Carambula/Ranghieri. Paulao will start a new project in Israel with Sean Faiga/Ariel Hilman. The Italian federation says “Adeus Paulao”, or as we say “good luck” and look forward to his project Israel.

Srdjan Veckov new head coach of Poland’s women

You should also keep an eye on Poland. With Srdjan Veckov they have a new head coach for the women’s beach volleyball squad. Srdjan, 36, who has been head coach of the German national team Karla Borger and Britta Büthe from 2014-2016, is known for his meticulousness.

He learned his trade in the Serbian capital Belgrade where he graduated from the National Sports Coaching School. Each course educates up to 50 coaches. It’s a very high-class program, one which Serbia is known for. “But it turns out that we have much more coaches than jobs in Serbia,” Srdjan explains.

There is always a lot of temper and humor around when talking to Srdjan Veckov, Karla Borger (right) and Britta Büthe. Photocredit: Hansi Huber.There is always a lot of temper and humor around when talking to Srdjan Veckov, Karla Borger (right) and Britta Büthe. Photocredit: Hansi Huber.

After four years as head coach for the beach volleyball players in Serbia, Srdjan went to Lebanon, where he worked as an indoor coach, before he guided Borger/Büthe through the qualification process and the Olympic Games in Rio. From now on, Kinga Kolosinska and Monika Brzostek, who finished like Borger/Büthe in ninth place at the Olympics, can benefit from his expertise.

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