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2018-07-06 10:25:00 CEST

Insider Tips: Top 5 night time spots in Vienna

Turn down for what?

The A1 Major Vienna presented by Swatch is upon us! In a little over a month we’ll all be gathered on the Danube Island for five days of world-class beach volleybal - how many sleeps is that again? All your favorite beach stars, the cream of the crop, in one place, in an amazing city (most livable city in the world for the 9th year running), for non-stop beachertainment.

So, let us paint the scene for you:

You’re in Vienna and you have some time in the evening, the sun has already gone down and you’re not ready to go to bed. I mean, no-one would have to twist your arm or ask you twice to go for a little night time turn-up. But where to go? Well, we've got you covered. Here are our top five night-time spots that’ll get you twerking. 


1. Strandbar Herrmann

One of Vienna’s most beloved summer hang-outs for those after work sundowners and end of semester celebrations. Set on the Danube canal overlooking the cityscape, Strandbar Herrmann provides the perfect mix of atmosphere and chilled vibes. It’s where street art meets funky beats. It’s so great that we’re even hosting one of our Beach Party Nights there – a silent disco to be exact. If chilling and people watching while sipping on delicious cocktails is your thing, then this is the place to go. Click here to get your tickets and here for more information. Headphones will be provided by the way. Bringing the krump back: optional.

One word: lit. Photocredit: Niklas StadlerOne word: lit. Photocredit: Niklas Stadler

2. Büroschluss @ Le Meridien

Anyone who lives and works in Vienna knows that Büroschluss is life. It’s a part of the Viennese work culture. This is the place to be on the last Thursday of every month. The set up alone needs at least three flames emojis. ‘The Real After Work Party’ at the stunning Le Meridien Hotel in Vienna is collaborating with the #ViennaMajor to bring you the best possible kick-off event imaginable. So, as it gets really full, you’d better get tickets. The only thing you need to ask yourself is which squad you’re rolling with? For more information, click here. So, suits and work attire are usually the outfits of choice. The boss attitude to go with it: optional

Büroschluss x #ViennaMajor Photocredit: David PanBüroschluss x #ViennaMajor Photocredit: David Pan

3. VIE i PEE

We can’t not mention VIE i PEE. You know it’s lit, and you know it’s always going down at Vienna’s premier Hip Hop club. Hang around with people that just by being in their vicinity increase your cool factor tenfold. From old school tunes that everyone knows the lines to; to the latest mixe tapes, all strewn together by DJs with mad skills – that’s where the party's at! Get your best dance moves out, drop it low, and kick it up slow, lean back from the window to the wall. Again, we love it so much that we’re organizing two Beach Party Night events there. #Besquare. So, there are a few different dance floors as well as an outside section for those balmy summer nights. Ordering a bottle of champagne and seeing the champagne parade aka poppin’ bottles: A MUST. Playing basketball whilst getting turnt: optional. For details on when and where and tickets click here.


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4. Platzhirsch

Located in the prestigious first district, like the name, this club is the club of all clubs. With weekly parties and events – people from all over Vienna flock there for their dose of House and R&B *stops typing, calling cab, walking out with swag singing “You can find me in da club, bottle full of bub…’” on way to Platzhirsch* Again, we only choose the best of the best locations for our Beach Party Nights and Platzhirsch is on that list. We’ll be hosting our Beach Champions Night there after the final match is played and our new #ViennaMajor champions are crowned. So, that means that you’ll be partying among the who’s who of beach volleyball. Completely fan-girling: optional


POP! - Wir feiern die 2000er - jeden Donnerstag im Platzhirsch! 😉 Trage dich auf die FRIENDLIST ein und zahle bis 24:00 Uhr nur € 5,- Wir feiern als gäbe es kein Morgen mehr... bis heute!👇🏼 #Platzhirsch #Danceclub #No1 #Vienna #Wien #Party #Partyhard #Fortgehen #Tanzen #Feiern #Trinken #Saufen #Pop #90s #2000s #Musik #Bestof #Jedendonnerstag

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5. The Beach Club

We’ve saved the best for last. Straight after watching your favorite athletes win at the Red Bull Beach Arena, make your way over to the Beach Village where you can find our very own Beach Club. DJs promise to keep you dancing AND the big plus side of this is that you will be getting down with thousands of beach fans. Best part – no tickets needed! Can we get a what what? Bringing your signed volleyball with you is A MUST. Throwing it around while partying: optional.

Let’s groove tonight. Photocredit: Bernhard HorstLet’s groove tonight. Photocredit: Bernhard Horst

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