Accessible seating at the event

We would like to welcome all wheelchair users to the A1 Major Vienna presented by Swatch.

If you have any questions about barrier-free access to the stadium or special needs, do not hesitate to ask us at the Info Counter or by e-mail at

Where are the places for wheelchair users?

The Side Courts offer freely accessible areas for all wheelchair users. For access to the Center Court please user the entrance at the Schulschiff. Please note the markings on site or ask our event staff.

Information about the helpers

Each wheelchair user is provided with access to the grounds and seating for one helper.

Ticket prices and admission

The event is free, so no tickets are required. Your seat (including your helper's seat) are assigned according to the first-come-first-served principle.

Wheelchair users and their helpers will be granted quick access via the accreditation entrance. To gain access to the event without long waiting times, it is advisable to apply for a pass at the accreditation counter outside of the stadium. Please carry your disability card with you.