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As usual, the 2016 A1 Major Klagenfurt am Wörthersee/Kärnten will be free of charge. You do not need any tickets!

In general, you do not need any tickets in order to enter the venue.

Although the demand is usually very high at the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we still want to make sure that everything runs smoothly at the entrance, so the Boarding Passes will be given out in advance.

What is a Boarding Pass?

A Boarding Pass grants you access to the venue on one of the following days: Friday, Saturday OR Sunday between 07:30 AM and 08:30 AM. If you leave the venue after this period, the ticket will lose its validity (one-way ticket). All proceeds related to the Boarding Passes will go to charitable causes.

Unfortunately, the online lottery for this year’s Boarding Passes is already closed.

For all of you who would like to experience the exclusive view from our VIP area on the 2016 A1 Major Klagenfurt/ Kärnten we recommend our VIP tickets.

Please find all further information on our VIP area which includes a 2,500 m² lakeside terrace, a sheltered stand and the DO & CO Full Service Catering under the menu item “VIP Tickets”.