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FAQs - General

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FAQs - Sports

Main Draw and Qualification – What is that?

Main Draw
32 teams participate in the main draw of a tournament. If more than 32 teams are on the entry list, each team who is listed above the 22th place has to participate in the qualification. The 32 teams in the main draw consist of 22 teams of the entry list, two teams are awarded with a wildcard and eight teams from the qualification.

In 2015, at the beginning of the season, new regulations for all tournaments (Majors, Grand Slams and Opens) were introduced: 32 teams play two single elimination rounds. The best eight teams qualify for the main draw.

Who can obtain a “Wildcard”?

Teams who did not meet the required qualification standards, but are “worthy of promotion/support” can obtain Wildcards. They are awarded by the local event organizer and the FIVB.

A team is eligible for a wildcard if it is a team of the host nation, to support a comeback of a superstar (Kerri Pottharst in Klagenfurt in 2003) or in case of not meeting the required points due to swapping partners (Loiola in Klagenfurt 2003), as well as development aid (e.g. team from Angola in 2015).
For the qualification, a maximum of two wildcards can be awarded. The application form for a wildcard can be submitted to the FIVB.
Additionally, two teams of the host nation are qualified for the tournament. If the best ranked host country team is ranked within the first eight teams, then it would receive seed #1 (Pool A) and the remaining host country teams will be seeded as per their seeding points; otherwise the best ranked host country team are seeded in seed #8 (Pool H).

What does the schedule of the Austrian teams look like?

Assuming that the Austrian teams qualify for the main draw, they will be playing on Wednesday (women), Thursday (women and men) and Friday (men).

However, a more detailed schedule will be published in the night before the match because the final seed is set at the technical meeting the evening before the main draw (19.00 - 22.00). Unforeseen drop-outs may require the rescheduling, but the final seed is published in the night before the matches.

How is the seed set?

Teams participating in the qualification or the main draw of a tournament are seeded according to the seeding points (the sum of the individual points earned from the best six of last eight among all tournaments over a 365-day period). The seeding points scored at an Open event and at other tournaments can only be taken into account if the scores increase the total seeding points of each team.

Who scores how many ranking points?

The winner of a world championship can score a total of 1000 points. Swatch Major Series and Grand Slam tournaments carry a value of 800 points while the winning team of an Open scores 500 points.

The different degrees in the graduation of the scores in the Major Series:

Place | points per team | Prize money per team in USD

1. 800 = 57.000,00
2. 720 = 43.000,00
3. 640 = 32.000,00
4. 560 = 24.000,00
5. 480 = 17.000,00
9. 360 = 11.000,00
17. 240 = 7.000,00
25. 160 = 4.000,00

What are entry points?

Entry points are separating the qualification players from the main draw.
The calculation is very easy and the same as the seeding.
Period of time: the best six tournaments out of the past eight tournaments within the last 365 days
Record date: 21 days prior to the tournament
Points: individually, not necessarily scored as a team

How is it possible for a team that scored a lot of points to participate in the qualification games?

That’s the country quotas fault. Only three teams per nation are allowed to enter directly the main draw because of their entry points. Through the qualification games another team of one nation and three other teams of the hosting country allowed to participate. Which is why there is a country quota qualification game before the real qualification.

Here’s an example:
Seven US teams wanted to participate in Fotaleza in 2004. Due to entry points only three of those teams were allowed to directly participate in the main draw, even though Mason/Busch were the fourth best US team and had scored better than most of other nation’s teams. The four remaining US teams are play a national qualification match in the single elimination mode. In regular qualification each nation is allowed to put as many teams in the competition as they have starting positions for the tournament. In case of the US that would be one team, and for Brazil three teams. The US team and one of the Brazilian teams made it through country quota and also through the qualification. Cuba needed just one game to get into the next round (no country quota, free ticket for round 1 in the qualification)
Wildcards don’t affect the country quota.

Why is it impossible to already announce a couple of days prior to the tournament, who is playing against who and when in the first round?

The FIVB want to have a grid without any no-shows. If a participating team get insured they don’t add them to the grid anymore. Which means that just teams that are showing up at the technical meeting on the evening before the first day of the tournament are allowed to participate in the tournament. This meeting normally takes place at 8pm. At around 11pm that evening the schedule for the first round is fixed. Since 2006 the pool play is again a part of the tournament, which means that the first three games of each team are set.

Why are there no double-elimination games anymore?

This decision was controversial. The version like it is played now, with the group phase and subsequent knockout grid guarantees the hosting nation’s teams (of course also the others as well) to play at least three games in front of their home crowd. When playing double-elimination, the teams have to leave after two defeats.

Here you can find all the FIVB sports regulations in detail.

Do I need tickets for the tournament? If yes, where can I get them?

You can find detailed information here.

How can a team qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016?

  1. Through good behavior – Because starting positions are just given out to the nations. The national association decides who gets to participate
  2. If you are the current world champion, but also here the national association has the last call
  3. If you are a team of the host country
  4. Through world rankings – From January 1, 2015 till June 12, 2016 the team have the chance to score points during almost 25 tournaments. The best 12 scores are added and afterwards they are put in order, per nation there are max 2 starting positions
  5. Through Olympic qualification tournaments – Like at the Olympic Games in London 2012, nations with two teams are competing against each other. If, after four matches, the score is even, a golden set decides who wins. For each nation, a team of their choice will be nominated
  6.  Through continental qualification tournaments – These tournaments are held like the Olympic qualification tournaments – see above. Each continent organizes a qualification tournament where the winner of the tournament is also allowed to participate in the Olympic Games

Overall, there are 24 female and 24 male teams authorized to participate. These are made up of:

1 World Champion
1 Organizer (the host country’s team)
15 due to the world ranking points
5 Continental Qualification winner nations
2 Olympic Qualification Tournament

For detailed information on the qualification to the Olympic Games please click here.

FAQs - Admission/Tickets

Free admission

In general there is free admission to our beach volleyball tournaments. You do not need tickets!
However, there are Boarding Passes and reserved seat tickets that are given out for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to guarantee some fans entry to the Center Court.

Boarding Passes

The Boarding Passes are normally given out by an online raffle in spring. The Boarding Pass is valid for either Friday, Saturday OR Sunday, and grants you entrance to the Center Court till 8.30 am. If you leave the stadium afterwards, the ticket loses it validation.
If you “win” a Boarding Pass you still have to pay € 10,- per pass. The total will be donated to charity.

Reserved seat tickets

The reserved seat tickets are also given away through an online raffle. Those tickets are valid from Friday until Sunday and grant entrance all day, even if you leave the venue and come back later.

For details information please click here.