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2016-10-04 16:16:00 CEST

More than sports: Off-season special

About new partnerships and long-term decisions

Everybody needs a Sam

As we already told you yesterday, Sam Schachter, former partner of Josh Binstock who recently retired, has found a new blocker. “I will be playing with Sam Pedlow this upcoming season,” the 26-year-old told us. That’s a very smart decision, he just replaced a chiropractor at his side with a physiotherapist. “It’s very convenient,” laughs Sam. But naturally, his decision is actually based on the on-court-qualities of the 29-year-old Pedlow, who, with his partner Grant O’Gorman, nearly snatched the ticket for the Olympics in Rio from under the noses of Binstock/Schachter. The two Sams will start the next season together before they decide whether they aim to tackle qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. But this will depend on whether they feel they fit together as a team. In a way, you could say Sam Schachter’s decision followed a proposal recently made by Josh, who posted the following on Facebook a few weeks ago: “Everybody needs a Sam.” At the same time, Pedlow posted the news of his and O’Gorman’s split: “Five years together, over 50 international tournaments and a life time of memories,” he said. “I can't thank Grant enough for everything both on and off the court. A new Olympic cycle brings new opportunities. I am extremely excited to be pairing up with Sam Schachter for the 2017 season.”

Credit: Josh Binstock FacebookCredit: Josh Binstock Facebook

The multi-talented Kira Walkenhorst 

After becoming an Olympic champion, Kira Walkenhorst has found some more jobs that suit her qualities. During her vacation with the Beach Academy in Bulgaria, she tried her hand at being a waitress and it looks as though she did a great job. 

Waitress Kira doing a great job in Albena. Waitress Kira doing a great job in Albena.

On Saturday, however, she will be a film star as well. The movie ‘The Way to Gold’ by the documentary project DIE NORM 2016, will be released in a 45-minute spot on the show ‘Sportschau’ on German television. On Saturday the ‘Sportschau’ will show more beach volleyball than football, which is also a first. Kira is now off to Denmark and some time away from the court. After that, she will continue playing alongside Laura Ludwig for four more years.

FIVB President Graça will chair the 35th FIVB World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Credit: FIVB.FIVB President Graça will chair the 35th FIVB World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Credit: FIVB.

Continuity in a time of change

FIVB President Ary Graça has an even longer cycle in mind. During the FIVB World Congress – which is taking place in Buenos Aires from today until Thursday – the 73-year-old is due to be re-elected as head of volleyball’s governing body. The FIVB confirmed in April that the Brazilian, first appointed for an initial four years in September 2012, is the only candidate. The presidential election is scheduled to be held on Wednesday (October 5), taking place at the Hilton Hotel in the Argentine capital. Graça is set to be elected for an eight-year term. Graça himself initiated to change the four-year to an eight-year term.

Family meeting in Mallorca

Got my Kung Fu panda training sessions in to stay in shape this off season 🐼💪🏼 now back to Rome for a day so I can pack my bags and head over to Palma de Mallorca to ball with @beachboxcamps and 100+ beachers 😍 #MrSkyball #beYOUtobeGOOD #beachvolleyball

See this Instagram photo by @adrian_carambula * 1,245 likes

After seemingly visiting Klagenfurt for some training sessions in the forest, Adrian Carambula headed to Mallorca and met the Lion King Aleksandrs Samoilovs in a beach camp. And as if they couldn’t get enough of seeing each other on the FIVB World Tour all the time, the Italian and the Latvian will also meet Youssef Krou, Toms Smedins, Rivo Vesik, Aleksandrs’ father Grenadijs and his younger brother Mihails there. It looks as if the Lion King went on a little family trip to Mallorca.

We are excited to announce our coaching staff for Palma de Mallorca camp in October and it is amazing!!! Brilliant personalities, professional FIVB world tour players, experienced coaches and... first time we are happy to welcome a charming girl in our coaching company... Here you go: Aleksandrs Samoilovs [LAT] Adrian Carambula [ITA] Toms Smedins [LAT] Youssef Krou [FRA] Rivo Vesik [EST] Genadijs Samoilovs [LAT] Carlos Cartaya [USA] Austris Stals [LAT] Alise Lece [LAT] And we can't forget our coach assistant Mihails Samoilovs [LAT]. :) The best part is... you can still join us!! We have some places available!!! Palma de Mallorca, October 1st-11th. #beachboxcamps #beachvolleyball #beachvolley #sandvolleyball #fivb #samoilovs #mrskyball #thelionking #krou #amazing #camp #volley

See this Instagram photo by @beachboxcamps * 91 likes

Marleen on honeymoon 

We’ve saved the best for last…Two white dresses, two beautiful brides. What a picture of Marleen Van Iersel and her female partner Myrthe Ramond. Two weeks ago, the couple got married, travelled to Fiji and went on a road trip to Sydney in a campervan. Congratulations to the happy couple!

#throwback to this amazing day... #somuchlove #pureliefde #loveofmylife

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